Improving Student Experiences and Achievements through Digital Technology, Evolutions in Course Design and Innovative Teaching Methods

Blended Learning Asia 2016 shares best practice examples from leading universities who are collaborating to create institutions of excellence in blended learning

Utilising digital and online resources, and incorporating these effectively into course design, has become key in increasing student engagement, and subsequently achievement.

As an educational leader, you need to keep up-to-date on latest innovative teaching technology to develop a student-centred blended learning community for improved academic outcomes.

Join thought leaders representing top global institutions at the Blending Learning Asia (15-16 June 2016, Singapore) and gain insights on how they are integrating pedagogy and new technologies to create next generation student-centred blended learning environments.

At the event, examine the latest international research and evidence-based pedagogy on blended learning and how it’s raising student performance through more accessible and functional learning spaces, including the creation of learning hubs, multi-campus redesigns, flipped classrooms, virtual laboratories, BOOCs and MOOCs.

Use the opportunity to learn how to move beyond content delivery to greater student interactivity in the classroom by adapting learning technologies to contemporary blended learning pedagogy, which includes incorporating learning analytics, e-learning, mobile learning and gamification.

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